LED’s Are The Choice For Cost Efficient and Eco-Friendly Lighting

LED’s Are The Choice For Cost Efficient and Eco-Friendly Lighting

LED’s Are The Choice For Cost Efficient and Eco-Friendly Lighting
By Lydia Quinn

LED lighting, which stands for Light Emitting Diode, has become the top choice for homes, businesses, organizations and governments that want to be eco-friendly and also save some serious cash.

These lights have become recognized for their excellent efficiency, extraordinary visual advantages, durability and their longer lasting light. LED’s have long been used in things like flashlights, circuit boards and other electronics, but only in recent years have they become much more widespread and used in just about every facet of life and business, replacing other types of lights in so many areas.

Many airports now choose LED lights for their runway and terminal lights. Due to their brighter light in a smaller form factor, there are great advantages to using these handy lights in airports around the world.

For example, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), replaced their old metal halide lighting systems with LED lighting. This swap has led to vastly reduced energy consumption, which in turn saves significant money in their budget, especially over the long run. Some estimates put an energy savings of about 75% on these swap outs. Not only do they save money, but the lights are also much more durable, thereby requiring less maintenance and less need for replacement. Another advantage is the lights are brighter and more programmable.

Hotels in Las Vegas, well known for their extravagant light displays, have also made the switch to LED lighting. In fact, one famous hotel and casino recently replaced their old metal halide lighting displays with LED lighting displays and their energy costs were dramatically cut by over 80%. This results in incredible cost savings for the hotel over the long run, helping profits and allowing investment back into other aspects of the hotel.

Another example is a chain of shoe stores in the Northeast US. This store replaced their old fluorescent lighting systems in all of their stores and replaced them with LED lighting systems. This helped save a ton of money for the stores since it cut down drastically on the need for replacements. It also allowed store employees to more easily adjust the lighting from warmer to cooler tones as needed for displays and overhead lighting.

Since LED’s can last for up to 15 years, there is a huge advantage to replacing old lights with LED’s. In some instances, LED’s can be a little more expensive in upfront costs than other types of lights, but with how long they last, these small initial costs are easily made up and far exceeded.

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